Grattitude Tag!


Hey guys today I decided to create my own tag I think this is a orginal tag and we should all be aware of all the things that we are grateful for and what we take for granted everyday. At school we talk a lot about what we are grateful to make as all aware of our surroundings. So I thought I would create this tag.

The rules are that you have to mention the blog/person who created the tag (me). Mention who tagged you. Tag 5 people who you think should complete this tag. Write the top 10 things you are grateful for. 5 personal (art, pet, specific person) and 5 basic (water, food or house).




What I am Grateful For!


  • My dog. He is just adorable and I love him. He is like my best friend.


  • My friends and family they care about me and I am grateful they are there.



  • Art. I love art and I am happy it is in my life.


  • I am grateful for netball. Netball makes me happy and keeps me fit. I am also grateful for my team mates.


  • This very blog. It is a great place that can take me away from real life stresse. It is a alittle corner of the internet where I can just rant and write whatever I feel. I am also grateful for you guys, without you I wouldnt be able to write this very blog.



  • My house. I am so grateful for the roof over my head. So many people in this world have no home to come home to.


  • I am grateful for you own education. Education effects our whole lives I know we hate being at school but without school it is harder to get a job and live life in general.


  • I am grateful for food and water. It just basically keeps us alive.


  • I am grateful for my body. I am happy the way I am and without my legs I couldn’t run and with out my arms I couldn’t create art.


  • I am grateful for my happiness and laughter.


This is the end of my tag I hope you try this tag and enjoy it. If there are any tags you would like me to do on your own blogs be sure to tag me in them. I would love to do some.



What are you most grateful for? Will you do this tag?

Taylor xx