New year resolutions 2020

Hey guys, omg school has already been stressful so for a heads up I probably won’t be posting much as all I’ve been doing is homework every night Aha. So today I decided to type out my top 5 new year resolutions for both my life and this blog!

1. Keep on top of all my homework (complete work once I get it)
2. Post on this blog atleast once a fortnight (hopefully once a week)
3. Take my dog for walks more frequently or after school
4. Read 20 books this year (recently I’ve hardly been reading)
5. Keep my room clean and organised

Hopefully I can keep on top of these goals as this year I decided to set less goals so I can complete them all. Including posting more I hope

How’s your blogging going? What are your goals? Are you in school if so what year?

Taylor xx

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